Warrior Data Acquisition Software

Powerful, yet simple to use and supports a wide range of logging tools.

Warrior 8 Software can be installed on the following Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 (* not Windows 10 S, Windows 11 S, Windows 11 ARM).

IMPORTANT: After some windows updates the Warrior drivers may need to be reinstalled
Please download and run the following file to remedy the situation:
Warrior Repair Utility

A brief description of Warrior Products:

        The Warrior Well Logging System consists of a tool interface and power supply panel, a computer, a printer and optional depth, line speed, line weight panel, and perforating power supply. The software supports most cased hole logging tools from a wide selection of tool manufacturers. The tool interface panel contains the necessary circuits to interface to most cased hole tools, both analog and digital. The depth encoder and line weight interfaces are built into the panel, as is the down hole tool power supply. All functions are digitally controlled from the software, with the power supply having a manual control mode. The panel incorporates data acquisition functions primarily DSP based, that interface to the host computer through the industry standard Universal Serial Bus (USB).

Cashedhole picture
Warrior Logging system

The Warrior Well Logging System employs advanced software and widely available hardware to provide a cost-effective solution to well logging requirements for open and cased hole applications in SRO, LWD and memory operations.


The Warrior logging system currently consists of the following components:
Computer – Laptop/Desktop – with monitor, keyboard, and mouse Tool Interface and Power Supply (CP/PA/OP/SLAB) Plotter (for hard copies) Shooting Panel (optional) Depth, Line Speed and Line Tension Panel (optional) UPS (optional)

A Casedhole system in a portable case
Warrior Data Acquisition Software screen

Warrior software Release 8.0 is a third-generation 64 / 32-bit Unicode program. The Warrior software is a mature logging environment that stresses ease of use, wide versatility, with a true multi-tasking environment. This software can also be used from a computer to acquire real time data from oil well and to replay, recalculate and print logs from the raw data, distribute logs or imported data from other systems such as LAS or LIS data.


Warrior software runs on Windows Operating Systems (Currently Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows 8 32/64 bit and Windows 10 32/64 bit).

A Open hole screen software
Warrior Telemetry System

SDS has developed a simple, "off-the-shelf" downhole telemetry system available for tool and sensor developers wanting to reduce development time and costs at the same time producing a Warrior Logging System compatable product.


Consisting of a telemetry board and optional downhole power supply, the half duplex telemetry is simple to configure and interface providing the developer with an uplink data rate currently ranging between 12 and 67 kbps and downlinks ranging from 1 to 5 kbps.

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